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Founded in 2005 – Beijing, China

Gracie China was founded in 2005 by Gracie China’s chief instructor, Professor Chet Quint, who is the first Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt to teach in China. Professor Quint came to Beijing in 2005 from America to establish the first world-class jiu-jitsu school here. After ten years of dedicated teaching, Professor Quint’s school now has many high level jiu-jitsu practitioners ranging from brown to blue belts.

Professor Quint’s teacher is the renowned Brazilian jiu-jitsu master Pedro Sauer. Master Sauer is grandmaster Helio Gracie’s direct student and is also recognized as one of the best jiu-jitsu teachers in the world. After training under Master Sauer for over ten years, Professor Quint received the highly recognized Pedro-Sauer black belt in 2004. Under the guidance of the famed Rilion Gracie, Professor Quint spent a year studying jiu-jitsu in Brazil, training with some of the best practitioners to refine his techniques.

In 2016 Professor Quint returned to the United States to continue teaching, while leaving the care of the school in the hands of Professor Steve Wanderer to further develop the school and continue the legacy of Gracie China in Beijing. The focus of the school has always been, and continues to be on fundamental jiu-jitsu, self defense and the practical aspects of the martial art, as was passed down from generation to generation of instructors. Under Professor Wanderer, each technique is explained in an appropriate context, so that it can be applied realistically when needed. He adopts an analytical, problem solving method of learning and teaching jiu-jitsu, in order to help the students learn how to learn. Professor Quint maintains a strong presence at Gracie China, both in the spirit of the academy and also through seminar classes held once or twice a year.

While the technical emphasis is on the core principles of defense and fundamental jiu-jitsu, there is also room in the class for students’ to attain personal, developmental goals. For those that wish to participate in competitions we help foster the competitive spirit. Gracie China fosters an open and friendly environment that accepts all levels of jiu-jitsu practitioners, from white to black belt, to participate in our our classes and join the team.

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